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Electric Summer Vibes with YSL Vinyl Cream Lips

October 21, 2016

I have a lyric playing in my mind, and it goes a little something like this… “We gonna rock down to electric avenue…. and then we’ll take it higher….”

That’s exactly how these new Vinyl Cream Lipsticks from YSL have me feeling! They are, dare I say it, my FAVOURITE LIPPIES OF THE MOMENT! And today I’ll tell you all about them and what makes these lipsticks soar to the top of my hit list. Plus I’ve swatched three gorgeous shades from the range, so that you can see them in action… Continue Reading

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Jacarandas in Cullinan

October 17, 2016

Going to see the Jacarandas in full bloom in Cullinan has been something I’ve wanted to do for ages. Last year, we attempted to go and see them, but I think we might have been a bit too late as they had already finished blooming in November. This year though, I wasn’t about to let them get away from me. Continue Reading

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My Summer Mixtape

October 14, 2016

Remember the days when you’d create your own mixtape filled with songs you love? I remember sitting on top of the radio, with a cassette (ah ha, those good old things) ready to go and my finger eagerly on the record button. Today it’s much easier to create playlists, thanks to all the awesome music listening tools and apps available online. One that I’ve been loving lately is Spotify, and it’s an awesome way to create playlists (AKA the modern day version of a mixtape) and share it with the world.

So I’ve put together a mixtape of my favourite tunes for the Summer of 2016/17. My taste in music is quite varied, and I don’t believe that I fall into any single category. I can go from listening to commercial “cheese” as some would call it, to hard rock, to metal, to 8o’s to classical music, it all just depends on my mood. Continue Reading

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Cool Caps! My Picks For Summer

October 13, 2016

My obsession with caps keeps on growing! I told ya’ guys, when I get obsessed, I really get obsessed! I’ve already collected 4 super cool caps, but there’s a whole lot more on my radar…

My Cap Collection currently stands at 4, and I only want to add more. Now, I’m not talking about plain old promo caps, of which I probably have about 100 -I blame the hubby and his work in the motor industry-, I’m talking cool caps that make the outfit.

Check out these cool caps for summer. Which one would you pick?

Continue Reading