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Hot Trend! Leather Nails

February 18, 2013

nails inc Leather & Skulls on fashion and style icon Alexa Chung wears a trend, everybody wants it! At last years’ Brit Fashion Awards, Alexa rocked the red carpet with her leather effect nails, leaving nail fashionistas ooogling at her fingertips!

Well, the good news is that you can get your paws on this awesome nail polish from Nails Inc thanks to Edgars, who will be the exclusive stockist of this internationally loved nail brand.

nails inc Leather & Skulls on

I am obsessed with the Nails Inc. Leather Effect nail polish as well as their Bling it on Leather & Skulls and Bling it On Rebel kits!

Inspired by texture, this nailpolish that looks like ordinary polish when applied, dries to form an authentic leather texture. Then, for the cherry on top, you can amp up the rock and roll look by adding bling skulls and Swarovski elements. The best part… you don’t need to go into a salon to achieve this look! Whether you’re after the Leather Effect Polish or you want to bling out our nails, you can do it all on your own!

Leather Effect nailpolish comes in three fabulous shades; black (Noho), tan (Soho Mews) or my current favourite – an ox blood/ mulberry shade called Shorteditch Lane, which I’m wearing in the pics above and below!

So cool, these polishes even come with a limited edition leather effect cap and wont break the bank at R120 each.

Now, lets kick it up a notch – using this amazing leather polish as a base and Blinging it out with skulls and crystals! Nails Inc. have two options in their DIY kits;

  • Bling it on Leather & Skulls (R250) contains a Leather Effect nailpolish, 4 skull embellishments, nail glue and a cuticle stick.
  • Bling it on Rebel (R325) also contains a Leather Effect nailpolish, 4 skull embelishments, about 40 Swarovski crystal elements, 10 studs, nail glue and a cuticle stick.


Both kits come complete with instructions on how to apply and are so easy and fun to do!

nails inc Leather & Skulls on

nails inc Leather & Skulls on

nails inc Leather & Skulls on

I’m curious to know what you think of this trend… would you rock it?

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