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Tired of those white-as-a-ghost legs? Me too! I can’t wait to go out and enjoy some fun in the sun, just as soon as this dreaded rainy and cold Spring weather makes way for summer!

With that, it’s time to consider protecting your body against the harmful rays of the sun! Tropitone has long been one of my favourite sun protection brands, simply because it does a great job and they have a complete range of products to suit your needs. Plus it’s a local brand and we love anything that’s made in SA.

For days when I want to get my tan on, I love using Troptione’s Deep Tan Oil because it helps to build that beautiful, Caribbean-style tan. It’s only got an SP factor of 6, so it’s quite low, but since I am already blessed with Mediterranean olive skin, I can handle it. I also love the coco-nutty smell and how it makes my body look bronzed on the beach, while I’m tanning.

For days when I want to have a little fun and hit the waves or enjoy a game of beach volleyball, I prefer to us Tropitone Acti-Sport. Acti-Sport comes in SPF’s of 15 or 30 (I prefer the 30), and is easily absorbed into the skin. The plus side of this one is that it’s water resistant – which means you can play in the water without worrying about over burning,and it doesn’t leave a greasy feeling, which if you’re out in the sun playing, you’ll agree that sweating, takes the fun element out of your fun time. It also comes in pump-action or aerosol application, which for me, is far better than sunscreens that you have to squirt out the bottle, especially if you’re on a beach and your hand’s are already full of sand.

Tropitone also have more fabulous products in their sun protection ranges apart from these two. The Tropitone Splash range is also great for playing outdoors. It comes in SPF’s of 10 to 40, do you can customize your protection. And if you want to fake it until you make it or if you’re anti-sun tanning but still want that bronzed beach babe look then Tropitone Sunless Bronze is for you!

And for when you’ve over done it in the sun – as I often do – there’s Tropitone Aftersun Cooling Gel. This gentle spray-on gel soothes your skin, giving it instant relief.

Dimi Ingle

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  1. TinkerBell
    October 24, 2012 / 11:47 am

    love tropitone deep dan oil.

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