Ring Ting-A-Ling! Christmas With Woolies

Christmas just would’nt be Christmas without some amazing treats (to eat, to wear and to indulge in) from Woolworths.

I don’t know how, but every year their Christmas selection just keeps getting better and more indulgent.  It’s a little difficult to watch our weight over the festive season with so many indulgent treats around. But let’s not complain about piling on the pounds, or kilograms as we say here in South Africa, and let’s just eat, drink and be merry!

Here’s a look at some of the goodies Woolies has this year for you to enjoy! I got this amazing Christmas box from Woolworths, filled to the brim with all these goodies, so I can tell you first hand, that they are treats you would definitely want . Luckily I took photos before erm, indulging, otherwise as I write this today, I’d have nothing to show you, accept a beautifully wrapped box!

Mmmmm-ama Mia! Loved the Dark Chocolate Discs. Most people would use these to decorate their tree, but not me – I had a fabulous time eating them. They were filled with a yummy  mint fondant! Something else you could hang on your tree, provided you have more willpower than moi, are the cute, Christmas-bauble looking Hollow Milk Chocolate Balls, wrapped in green or gold!

The bag of Traditional Humbugs (it’s the one in the bottom right hand corner) and All Butter Shortbread tin didn’t last too long, but you’ll be very proud to know that I have managed to keep the Candy Stripe Sticks and Advent Calendar, although I’m not sure for how much longer I can resist them.

Speaking of irresistible, the Woolies Marzipan block comes beautifully packaged in brown paper with a red and white stripe ribbon (it’s there just under the candy stick). The marzipan together with all these treats in fact, would make excellent stocking stuffers. Just make sure you pick up a few extra goodies for your own enjoyment, or you’ll soon find the stockings empty before Christmas.

You don’t have to eat a whole whack of calories to indulge, as Woolies have more wonderful goodies… Beautiful soaps like this Passion Fruit & Acai Berry bar which smells ahhh-maze and this cute little red tin, tea-light candle holder that came stuffed with fudge – mmm!

I also got spoilt with this beautiful contrast day clutch that has two textures. The top green part is made from a gorgeous faux suede and the bottom, a beautiful, super soft nude.

Oh, and I almost forgot! Woolies also sent me the most ah-mazing Christmas cake I have ever tasted in my life! Sadly it broke on it’s way to me, and so I didn’t take a pic (as it would not do it justice), it was and still is the best Christmas cake I have ever had! Kinda like your normal Christmas fruit cake, but topped with chocolate (instead of icing – now we’re talking) and delicious, chunky bits of nuts and cherries – YUM!

Thanks so much to Woolies for all these treats! Now all I need to do is make my way into a store and stock up for the holidays – let’s just hope I can show a little restraint the second time around :).

Dimi Ingle

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