A Peek Inside DUNE Shoes’ Sandton Store

Last week I was in Joburg for the Edgars Summer Launch, and while I was there, I got to take a peek inside the brand new Dune store in Sandton City!


Well ladies, let me just tell you, the shoes are off the wall! Or rather on the ceiling! No kidding, they literally have actual shoes screwed onto the ceiling – how rad is that? And, I’m told that the shoes on the ceiling are from the current collection, and that the display is changed with each new collection.

Genius idea! Now, if only they had a comfy couch in store, I could very happily lie there all day staring at the shoes. Scoopies Heaven!

Awesome shopfront displays aside, let’s talk about the shoes… I saw many gorgeous styles, and I really wanted to take some of them home with me, but my credit card is still in recovery from my holiday, so I really had to behave!

Not to say that I couldn’t admire the menu though…







As you can see, some really pretty shoes, bags and purses!

I love the first pair of tan heels! I have to have those!

Which is your favourite pair?

Dimi Ingle

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