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XL Hair Can Be Yours Thanks To Fibrology from L’Oreal

Get excited gals, because thicker, fuller, Xtra-Large hair can now be yours thanks to L’Oreal Fibrology – A new hair range that promises big things for thin hair!

Loreal Fibrology

At a recent L’Oreal press launch, this range was by far the most talked about! Beauty editors and #bbloggers couldn’t seem to contain their excitement when the announcement was made that Fibrology would be hitting the shelves this April!

I was particularly excited, since I have fine hair and only wish that it could be fuller!

Well gals, I am happy to say, that I have tried this range and it absolutely is my hair’s new BFF!

Hello XL Hair!

The amazing thing about this range, is that it thickens the hair from the root. It doesn’t “add bulk” on the surface, so your hair remains shiny and full of life!

It’s a godsend for thin hair and who better to endorse this range than the amazing Blake Lively – in all her crowning glory!

It took 17 years of research and 8 years of testing to develop this  range, with it’s “Magic” ingredient…. Filloxane

Unlike other “thickening” ingredients, Filoxane doesn’t simply coat the root of your hair to make it appear thicker. It penetrates the hair fiber to expand it from the inside and amp up the diameter of the hair. Once inside the hair fiber, it remains there and cumulatively thickens the hair wash after wash. You’ll notice thicker, fuller and more luscious hair after at least five applications.

Of course, since it’s a complimentary treatment (like any other beauty product), you do need to keep using it if you want to keep getting amazing results. But with such great prices, you can definitely afford it and your hair can’t afford to be without it!

The range consists of four star products, each formula boasting the Filoxane technology

  • An ultra light weight, deep cleansing shampoo,
  • A conditioner that doesn’t weigh the hair down and allows for faster rinsing,
  • An amazing, detangling mask that doesn’t weigh the hair down, and
  • A leave in double serum that offers two formulas in one; a thickening serum and smoothening serum to treat dry and damaged hair

Beautifully packaged in an electric turquoise and hot pink bottle, look out for it in store now!

Shampoo: R42.95 for 250ml and R62.95 for 400ml
Conditioner: R42.95 for 250ml and R62.95 for 400ml
Masque Pot: R74.95 for 300ml
Double Pump Serum for R74.95

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