Chanel’s Iconic Red Nail Polish Collection

Timeless hits of the 80’s!

This November, CHANEL launches its Les Rouges Culte De Chanel Nail Collection; three vintage CHANEL reds, that are so gorgeous you’ll want them all!


It was the year 1980 when CHANEL welcomed ROUGE FLAMBOYANT, a pure and energetic red that introduced cheerful energy into the new decade.

It’s a perfect scarlet red that oozes style and makes a elegant statement.


In 1981, LAQUE ROUGE was added to the CHANEL Le Vernis family.

It is a deep carmine red that reveals an incomparable elegance.

This red is not quite as solid as Rouge Flamboyant but a great red if you prefer more brownish undertones.


In 1987, ROUGE N°19 brought a luxurious blush to the classic red with a subtle shimmer to express playful femininity.

This shade has more of a pinkish-purple tone to it and the shimmer is hardly noticeable, but still manages to add a girly dimension to this shade.


The thing I love, and have always loved about CHANEL polish, is that one coat is all it takes to achieve vibrant, luxurious colour that is an exact colour match to that of it’s bottle.

A lot of nail polishes look rich and vibrant in the bottle, but once you apply them, you have to layer on tons of product to achieve the desired shade.

With CHANEL, it’s almost 100% guaranteed that what you see is what you get, at least in my experience anyway!

One coat is all you need for great colour, while a second coat will add more drama to your nails and help to even out any spots you may have missed.

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