Louis Vuitton’s African flagship store Re-Opens in Sandton City

[tps_header]This May, Louis Vuitton, one of the most lustworthy luxury brands, re-opened its “African flagship” in Sandton City’s new Diamond Walk.

I was invited to the opening party on Tuesday night (scroll to the end for the gallery), and let me tell you gals, the store is a little piece of heaven; covered in wall-to-to-wall happiness of bags, shoes, scarves, jewellery, sunglasses and more…


Every girl dreams of owning a piece of this iconic French brand.

I know I have my heart set on a few pieces, and a visit to the Sandton Louis Vuitton flagship, just makes the possibility of owning a piece of LV (one day) that much more real.

The fact that you can purchase your very own Louis without setting foot outside of South Africa, makes it easier to own this brand.

Now that we’ve saved on overseas trips to buy a little Louis, let’s pretend to blow my budget in the Sandton City Louis Vuitton store.

But where would I start?


Perhaps a piece of fine Louis Vuitton jewellery, like these beautiful statement necklaces, or a bright bold bag like the Volta (above).

Or a classic Monogrammed Louis Vuitton Bag? These two are the Delightful.

I do love the Delightful, but my heart is set on the Neverfull MM, possibly the Totally MM or the Speedy Bandoulière 35! Okay, so that’s three – a girl needs to have options ya know!? After all, a Louis Vuitton handbag purchase, is a lifelong decision!


We could always start small and grow my collection from there… Something like these Louis Vuitton Cosmetic Pouches, effortlessly chic for travel or just to keep your every day makeup.

There are so many options including; the iconic Monogram Canvas, the Damier Canvas, Damier Azur, right through to brighter options with varying textures, such as refined Epi Leather or the Embossed Monogram Vernis.


How about a beautiful Zippy wallet? Probably the most practical choice. Hmmm!


Perhaps even a Louis Vuitton scarf? So many beautiful ones to choose from, like these two.

But, since I’m a practical girl, I’d probably choose something like the Leopard Stole – it’s a beaut! I touched and felt it like a bit of a stalker.

Now that I’ve blown my budget way out of the water, if I had it all, THIS is what I would get…


The ultimate symbol of style! An iconic Louis Vuitton Alzer suitcase, which I’d say, is a more modern day version of a Louis Vuitton trunk.

Louis Vuitton is a brand synonymous with explorers and pioneers and an LV trunk is a piece that every connoisseur aspires to own.

Sigh! A girl can dream, and at least we have a beautiful Louis Vuitton in Sandton as our place to make dreams happen (or for some of you, a reality).

Check out some of the pics of the store and the opening party, or make your own party and visit the re-launched Louis Vuitton at Sandton City’s Diamond Walk: Shop U26, Upper level, Sandton City Shopping Mall, Sandton Drive, Sandton.[/tps_header]


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