Let us all take a moment to admire this gem of a beauty product, shall we! If you’re after the ultimate skincare spoil, then CHANEL is always the answer! 

Beautiful and indulgent, backed by 10 years of excellence, the newly relaunched, 10th Anniversary CHANEL
is a skincare treasure that unites the best of CHANEL’s research, quality, values and the brand’s timeless appeal.

CHANEL SUBLIMAGE LA CRÈME is a complete anti-aging moisturiser that regenerates the skin’s essential functions and enchants the senses. It’s the perfect combination of luxury and high cosmetic performance.

Everything about this exceptional skincare product aims for excellence. But then again, what else would you expect from CHANEL? Quite simply, if a product doesn’t live up to their very high standards (and that goes for clothing, accessories, beauty and skincare), it never sees the light of day! So while a pricey investment yes, you can rest assured that CHANEL SUBLIMAGE LA CRÈME has ticked every box of excellence. Because with Chanel Visionaries, everything has got to be beyond amazing!

Did you know, that since the first CHANEL SUBLIMAGE LA CRÈME was launched in 2006, more than 1.6 million jars of have been sold worldwide? That’s around one jar sold every minute!

The SUBLIMAGE story began in Madagascar with Vanilla Planifolia… In the 2000s, CHANEL Research, explored and discovered the fabulous powers of vanilla from Madagascar. Using all of its know-how, it extracted the quintessence of this plant to craft a tailor-made active ingredient, and dedicated an entire skincare line to this ingredient which lives up to its promises and feats.


In 2016, SUBLIMAGE writes a new chapter in its fabulous saga. With each passing year, CHANEL Research’s patience, creativity and passion for women and vanilla never faltered. It continued to build its Vanilla Planifolia expertise, develop its understanding of life factors and created the most sumptuous textures.

This “next generation” SUBLIMAGE LA CRÈME intensely regenerates the skin, giving it a unique and powerful combination of benefits. Full of vitality, it leaves your skin intensely moisturised and shielded, while keeping it visibly tighter, smoother and more even toned

Using a CHANEL skincare product is a treat in itself, and SUBLIMAGE LA CRÈME comes with it’s very own gesture…

  1. Apply SUBLIMAGE LA CRÈME using the provided spatula. Dab a small amount onto each cheek, the forehead, neck and décolleté,
  2. Using both hands, smooth over the face, from the centre outwards,
  3. Then, glide under the jawline, from chin to ears. Finally, for the décolleté, gently smooth outwards from chin to clavicles.
  4. To optimize the benefits, perform the regenerating application developed specially by CHANEL. Massage in circular movements with the knuckles, and closed hands, over key areas of the face.

In 2016, CHANEL also takes SUBLIMAGE a step further, by offering three very distinct textures that rival each other  – because what is beauty without pleasure?

Think of the textures as chiffon, silk and velvet… Which one would your skin prefer?

As fresh and light as silk satin.

A rich, melt-away cream that hugs the skin like silk jersey.

Cozy and caressing, it envelops the skin like a silk velvet stole.

Available at Chanel Counters Nationwide
Price: R4 950 for 50 grams of product.



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