Garnier Ultimate Blends

All of a sudden, I’m finding more and more, affordable hair care ranges that I love, and more importantly, that love my hair! Garnier recently introduced their beautiful Garnier Blends into the market and I found my absolute fave…



Garnier Ultimate Blends combine the best of nature to give us 5 signature blends. Choose your blend, Transform your hair… 

Each blend is crafted with indulgent textures and divine fragrances, fused with 2 complementary ingredients, which were hand picked for their restorative virtues.

There’s a blend for all hair types! Of course, I wanted to try them all out before I told you gals what I thought, but since we all have different hair dilemmas, finding the blend that suits you is always key. My hair is straight, damaged, dry and frizzy, so I immediately went for The Sleek Restorer – a signature blend with Coconut Oil and Cocoa Butter to help tame dry and frizzy hair.


This range is gorgeous! My hair is dry and thanks to the electric winter here in Jozi, it’s also crazy frizzy with fly-aways galore! The Sleek Restorer  Shampoo, Conditioner, Mask and Sleek Perfector Oil have been the perfect blend to get my hair looking, feeling and just being fabulous.

It’s been crafted with a powerful blend of pure Coconut Oil – India’s original hair secret for smoothness and Cocoa Butter from the Ivory Coast, renowned for its nourishing virtues.

The products don’t weigh my hair down, and the mask is heavenly. It clings to the hair beautifully when you apply, leaving your hair feeling truly nourished and cared for.

I used only a teeny-tiny amount of The Sleek Perfector Oil and only on the ends, but my trick to getting it all, is to apply a generous helping of the oil to my ends before shampooing, while it is still dry. Then I comb it through, and hit the shower. My hair loves it!

The Strength Restorer – a signature blend with Honey, Propolis Extract and Royal Jelly to help damaged hair that is prone to breakage.


This range is next on my list of products to try since it targets fragile and broken hair. The Strength Restorer line contains 3 luxurious treasures from the beehive to nourish, nurture and give your hair a protective barrier.

The range includes The Strength Restorer Shampoo, Conditioner, Mask and Serum.

The Colour Illuminator – a signature blend with Argan Oil and Cranberry for colour treated hair.


For this blend, Garnier used the “liquid gold” native to Morocco Argan Oil with North American Cranberry extracts bursting with antioxidants to ensure your colour looks brighter, glossier and cared for.

I’m keeping this one for when I get my colour touched – which will hopefully be soon!

The range includes The Colour Illuminator Shampoo, Conditioner and Mask.

The Nourishing Repairer is a signature blend with Avocado Oil and Shea Butter to bring your very dry, damaged hair back to life.


This potent blend has been crafted with ultra-nourishing Avocado Oil and soothing Shea Butter, gathered from the African Karite Tree, to reinforce the hairs natural barrier and give it intense moisture.

In The Nourishing Repairer range you’ll find a shampoo, conditioner and mask.

The Shine Revitaliser is a signature blend with Lemon and Green Tea to boost bounce, vitality and shine.


This blend helps to intensely cleanse the hair, whilst revitalising its beauty.

It contains a zesty blend of 5 plants including Chinese Green Tea, an ancient source of vitality, Mediterranean Lemon Extract for boosting shine as well as Nettle, Lemon and Verbena.

An ideal range for fuss free, shiny hair!

Where to get it…

Find Garnier Ultimate Blends at Dischem, Spar, Pick n Pay, Checkers and Clicks.


The 250ml Shampoos and 200ml Conditioners retail for R39.95 each for the Colour Illuminator, Strength Restorer, Sleek Perfector and Nourishing Repairer blends. They also come in a 400ml Shampoo and 400ml Conditioner (each one is R59.95) and the Shine Revitalizer only comes in the 400ml versions.

The Masks (3ooml) retail for R69.95 each. The 50ml Strength Restorer Honey Treasures Serum retails for R69.95 and the Coconut Oil & Cocoa Butter Oil Spray (150ml) retails for R149.95


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