Lockets of Love

Jewellery is no longer something you wear to feel fashionable, but rather something that makes you feel special and unique – at least, that rings true for me. I love pieces that allow me to express my personality. I love collecting special tokens that remind me of treasured memories, or wearing symbols that are close to my heart.

That’s why I’m so excited to share this beautiful Anais Paris piece with you gals today. If you’ve always loved the idea of a locket, but aren’t too fond of the vintage photograph type, then you will love this modern take. A locket that speaks to the twenty- first century romantic.

Anais Paris offers three shaped lockets to choose from; either heart, circle or teardrop, and a wide selection of beautiful charms to fill them with. This is a great way to express your creativity in the jewellery you wear and write your own story that is a true reflection of your personality.

Each symbol, or charm has its own special meaning, so you can go wild and fill your locket with every treasured momento. The only challenge may be fitting every single beautiful charm into your Anais Paris locket.

I got the circle shape and it holds quite a lot of charms, but sometimes it’s nice to wear only one or two. I managed to get all of my 6 charms (and their semiprecious stones) into the locket, but it did look a bit over done. Luckily, I can mix it up and add or remove charms as the mood strikes.

The thing I love about this locket concept is how you can mark special moments with cute, beautifully made charms.

Got that special someone? Why not wear their initial close to your heart? Want to bring luck into your life? Then the Anais Paris Wishbone charm is for you!

How about commemorating a special occasion? For instance, your 21st birthday, your engagement to Prince Charming, or the day your baby was born (check out the Pitter Patter Charm as well – too cute)?

There’s also a charm for every nature lover! A flower charm to remind you of self-realisation, a bee charm to remind you of how hard you work, a dog bone because you love your furry best friend and a kitty to remind you of your love for cats.

What ever the occasion, what ever the memory, there’s a way to wear it stylishly in your Anais Paris memory keeper.

For my Anais Paris piece, I chose symbols that have beautiful meaning like, the hubby’s initial and one for me too. A wishbone, a crown to represent wisdom, a dragon fly to represent self realisation (plus I love dragon flies), a kiss to represent love, and a cross to represent faith.

Each charm comes with two semi-precious gem stones which compliment the symbol. You can choose to wear a single symbol, a symbol with its gem stones, or decide completely which symbols and gemstones you want to wear together.

Isn’t that special?

The Anais Paris keepers, chains and charms are all made out of sterling silver, and you can also get them in a rose gold plating (like mine). The letter charms however, only come in sterling silver, but I still think they look great with the rose gold contrast.

Check out all the pretty pieces on the Anais Paris website and start making a note of those wish-lists! Then, be sure to pop back onto Stylescoop next week as I will have a special treat in store for one of my lovely readers.

Valentines Day may have come and gone, but there will still be lots of love to share so don’t miss out!


Dimi Ingle

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