Discover YOUR skin at The POND’S Institute

Did you know that just one hour of UV rays from your cell phone can cause dark marks to appear on your skin?

Even scarier… The world we live in is becoming more and more toxic. Add to that, modern day living has left us more stressed, with bad eating habits and more exposed to pollution, sun damage and daily environmental aggressors; all of which can wreak havoc on your skin.

Education into smart skincare is key, and that’s why I’m so excited to tell you gals that the world-renowned POND’S Institute has opened it’s pop up at Sandton City. So be sure to check it out from now until the 12th March 2017.

A place where you can come and learn about smart skincare, discover just how damaging our world is becoming and experience a variety of interactive features that will literally leave you with a ping in your belly!

Take a walk through the POND’S Institute Innovation Wall. This informative showcase takes you through skincare and developments from one of the leaders in skin innovation since 1846.

Step inside the Environmental Skin Damage Capsule, which will give you “crystal ball experience” and show you an interactive visual of what just 10 minutes of exposure can do to your skin.

#StopHiding and let the experts give you a skin analysis! Then save your smiles knowing you’ll have the goods to give your skin what it needs by commemorating the moment with a Selfie.

At the POND’S Institute you’ll also get a chance to discover all the POND’S ranges and identify which one is for you. Don’t play the guessing game when it comes to your skin. POND’S have a solution to every skincare concern.

The POND’S Institute is a global network, made up of over 700 scientists who work to understand the needs of our skin. They understand the concerns of the modern day woman and develop solutions to help her.

In South Africa, a small group of scientists based in Durban form part of this global committee. Their job is to focus on skincare problems faced by the South African woman. Us! Our concerns!

In the past 10 years, they’ve identified the key concerns that affect South African women to be;

  • pimples,
  • uneven toned skin complexion,
  • redness,
  • oiliness and
  • sagging/ ageing skin

Their goal is to develop products that target these concerns to create solutions. And they’ve done it!

This year POND’S introduces two new launches; a breakthrough in breakouts with POND’S Pimple Clear and the newly re-formulated POND’S Perfect Colour Complex Range.

POND’S Pimple Clear is the world’s first pimple solution to feature breakthrough Lock + Clear technology. This locks powerful pimple-fighting Active Thymo-T Essence deep inside pimple causing germ cells and is proven to help clear pimples from the root, in just 3 days.

Pimple Clear is the result of 95 years of research and development behind it, so you can rest assured that the experts at the POND’S Institute have identified a breakthrough technology to help target spots effectively.

Another innovation worthy of praise is the newly re-formulated POND’S Perfect Colour Complex range, which is said to offer 96% protection against damage.

It contains a new patent, Vitamin B3+ to help fight against ten of today’s biggest causes of dark marks.Vitamin B3+ is clinically proven to work thirty times faster then the previous Vitamin B3 ingredient alone and is twice as effective at fading dark marks.

Seriously innovative, not to mention exciting stuff from the POND’S Institute so if you’re in the Sandton area between now and the 12th March 2017, be sure to pop by the activation and educate yourself so that you can be prepared and have the tools you need to fight off your skincare concerns.

You can find the POND’S Institute on the lower level of Sandton City, outside Checkers.

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Thanks to POND’S for collaborating with me on this post – all opinions (as always) are my own.

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