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Layered Necklaces

A lot of you girls have been asking me about the necklaces that I’m wearing in my profile pic (the same one I wore on this post and on instagram yesterday). Aren’t they just beautiful?

Both are from Georgini, an Australian jewellery brand (that’s available from various retailers in South Africa – as well as via their local online store) and they have some truly beautiful pieces; some bold, some dainty, some intricate and some brightly coloured as well.

I’ve slowly been trying to build my jewellery collection into something that I love.

Bit by bit, I’m adding quality necklaces, rings and especially earrings, because I feel that I’m at a point in my life where it matters to have something that’s high quality, rather than something that’s flashy and fashionable.

The thing I love about my new Georgini necklaces, is that they are both fashionable, but made out of quality materials (these are both 925 Sterling Silver) – which means these special pieces will last a lifetime.

I’ve always been a golden girl (no, not like the old lady actresses – although Blanche will always be my fave), but in terms of jewellery. I’ve always gravitated towards gold.

But then, I love silver too.

As much as I also love the gold plated silver necklaces from Georgini (they have rose gold too), I wanted to get some silver pieces to mix up my jewellery collection and I love these two because the encrusted cubic zirconia’s make them sparkle!

They are both dainty, and the shapes of the Georgni Crescent Moon necklace and the Georgini Liberty Straight Pendant make for a striking combination.

Both of these pieces come with a chain (included in the price) and the chains can be worn and different lengths; so you can adjust them to sit at different levels as I have done.

Perfect for nailing the layered necklace look!

I’m thinking of taking my Liberty Straight chain in to be made slightly shorter, as I really want to wear it smack in the hollow of my neck, and then the Crescent Moon will sit where the straight pendant currently sits.

What do you gals think?

If you’re into the whole necklace layering trend, be sure to check out some of the beautiful options on the Georgini website.

I’ve picked out a few of my faves to share with you below…

  1. Orion Pendant
  2. Stardust Lariat Necklace
  3. Lux Rose Gold Pendant
  4. Lucky Star Pendant
  5. Roxy Pendant
  6. Large Slim Circle Pendant
  7. Machi CZ Infinity Pendant

So pretty! I have my eye on that gorgeous Roxy Pendant next! Oh ya, and the Lucky Star Pendant…. SWOON.


Dimi Ingle
Dimi Ingle

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  1. Lalannie Knoll
    June 12, 2017 / 5:43 pm

    I love your crescent moon which also happens to be on sale (ah oh!)

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