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New from Chanel: Eyes & Lips

New from Chanel: Eyes & Lips

Ya girls know how much I love my CHANEL and this month sees the launch of a triple-whammy of makeup that will have you feeling all kinds of excitement! From their revolutionary new mascara, to the latest collection for eyes and some super indulgent lip products, geared for the generation of matte!

So take a deep breath, calm your heart rate and let’s take a look…

Chanel Eyes Collection 2018

CHANEL has nailed their 2018 Eyes Collection with a colour collection inspired from the magic of night!

There are two eyeshadow Les 4 OMBRES palettes and let’s just agree that this one, 304 MYSTÈRE ET INTENSITÉ is heaven on earth! On the right, the palette has a duo of coral and berry tones and the left features neutral shades of golden tan and smoky black.

The four shadows come in various textures of matte, satin, iridescent and metallic to help you create multi-dimensional looks.

I don’t usually like shimmer shadows, but I absolutely love the Chanel “shimmers” because they blend seamlessly without chunking up. Also traditional shimmers tend to bring out fine lines in more mature ladies, but somehow the Chanel satin and iridescent shades create a bit of shine that reflect with the light rather than pile on the glitter.

When the sun sets, a new and singular relationship forms with time, space, emotions and light. A new world, punctuated by halos and artificial neon lights that transform shadows into light and light into shadows.

With an optimised formula and soft texture each shade goes on perfectly well and blends to absolute flawlessness.

I’ve been using the coral and berry shades to create an easy summer-ready look that can be worn day or night. When I want to amp up the intensity, a pop of the golden tan to the centre of my lid and rimming the black around my lash-line really brings out the colour of my eyes.

Also new in the 2018 CHANEL EYES Collection is the STYLO OMBRE ET CONTOUR. 

This eyeshadow, slash liner, slash “girls best friend” is a multi-tasking eye product that not only makes for quick and easy eye makeup, but I love that it’s compact, making it an ideal travel product or handbag buddy.

In South Africa the shades Bleu Nuit, Electric Brown, Nude Eclat and Rouge Noir are part of the colour offering.

I adore this product to rim my lash-line, top and bottom for a quick and easy makeup look.

The Kohl texture goes on beautifully and I can smudge it out to make it look more blended, but the best part is that it doesn’t break apart or create gaps, which is something I often have an issue with when applying traditional liner to my lower lash-line.

These are really great! I am super impressed with them!

Le Volume Revolution De Chanel

Now, I want to say I’ve saved the best eye product for last, but honestly, I love the whole eyes collection. I must say though, that the new Le Volume Revolution de Chanel mascara is by far taking the number one spot in my mascara stash!

I’ve always loved my Chanel Le Volume Mascara and I’d rank it in my top 5 Mascaras of all time! But Le Volume Revolution is all that and more! This new generation mascara features CHANEL’s first 3D printed mascara brush to pick up just the right amount of mascara, and let you load up your lashes in just one swipe!

No kidding!

I get extreme, thick, jet-black coated lashes without having to keep applying mascara over and over. Because of the easy, one swipe application, my lashes don’t clump and the formula dries super fast, leaving my lashes feeling flexible and so comfortable throughout the day – I often forget I’m wearing mascara at all! Although one look in the mirror and I’m like “Hello my flutter beauties”.

Rouge Allure 2018 · Generation Matte

Is it just me, or does CHANEL come up with the most innovative lip products on the planet?

I mean, I’m still recovering from their innovative powder lipstick/ lip balm duo (POUDRE À LÈVRES) from the Neapolis Spring collection earlier this year, and now I am once again blown away by the new generation, ROUGE ALLURE LIQUID POWDER.

It’s so good! Vivid colours with buildable intensity and a sensorial foam applicator that makes squeezing this colourful lip product feel so good. I also love the packaging! Bright, colourful, fun!

On the lips it feels great with impressively long wear results. It does lose the intensity a little bit after I’d say about 5-6 hours, but I actually love the wear down. My lips stay stained without drying out which is always a concern with matte type products.

My favourite way to apply these, is to squeeze the product out and apply on the lips with small circular motions, which stains the lips beautifully but doesn’t completely fade out my natural lip texture.

As for the lipsticks, brace yourselves for six shades of Mega Matte magic with the new ROUGE ALLURE VELVET EXTRÊME. 

If you’re a CHANEL makeup lover, you’ll know their ROUGE ALLURE VELVET is their more matte finish lipsticks, and my personal favourites. Now, this is like an extremely matte version of those (as the name suggests).

The colours are so vibrant, they really make my lips pop and unlike traditional mattes, they feel more like second skin than a coat of plaster on the lips.

Ultra-micronized pigments are combined with a unique matcha tea, almond oil and Vitamin E complex to leave your lips cared for, while the association of Natural Rice and Magnesia Powders provide a strong mattifying power and softness on the lips.

And if that wasn’t enough awesomeness to take in, the packaging is also super sleek and sexy with a  completely re-invented look that takes ROUGE ALLURE to a full black matte case.

So beautiful! Which of these new CHANEL launches are you lusting after?


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