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My Fragrance Five – Summer

My Fragrance Five – Summer

Welcome to my Fragrance Five Summer edition! As we head full swing into the heat of summer, I like to switch up my fragrances to set the tone of the season. I don’t know about you, but I like to have a new lineup of scents that remind me of the season.

So, when I sniff them years down the line, they take me right back to that moment in time.

This season, I’m leaning towards soft and romantic scents. Fun, fruity scents, luxurious bright scents…

These are the five fragrances I’m reaching for right now. Some are new launches, others newish that I’ve had waiting in anticipation for Summer 2018.

Five Fragrances to Try

Lanvin Modern Princess

If you love fragrances with red top notes that settle into pretty, ladylike scents, you’ll fall in love with Lanvin Modern Princess. 

The note combination is quite simple (with a total of 8 notes), yet delicious and effective. It’s not overpowering, yet enough to make you feel like modern royalty. A perfect scent for warm, sunny days.

Red Apple comes off very strong in the opening notes and combined with the juiciness of Red Currant gives it a delightful spark of joy. White florals of Jasmine and Freesia indulge the heart and the dry down notes of White Musk and White Woods keep it classic. Then there’s the unexpected inclusion of Vanilla Orchid which adds that Lanvin romance.

Still, for me from this designer fashion house, nothing beats Lanvin ME. Modern Princess on the other hand is still a pretty scent, perhaps a bit more toned down and softer than ME, but a lovely scent nonetheless.

Price: R995  for the 90ml EDP and R795 for the 60ml EDP

Roberto Cavalli Florence

This is one of my absolute favourites from my five pics. I’ve used it so much already, I almost have to push it back in my shelf so that I can give the others a chance. It’s true love!

Roberto Cavalli Florence is one of those memorable, stand out kind out scents! The kind you smell and you’re either in love, or your don’t like it at all. Either way, it leaves its mark! And if you like it, it leaves it’s mark for long periods too!

Inspired by beautiful Tuscany, this musky, floral exotic is luxurious, sensual and to put it blatantly, sexy as hell!

Mandarin Orange and Blackcurrant spark your senses, with a zesty heart of Orange Blossom, Grapefruit Blossom and Hibiscus Seed. But it’s the base notes of this fragrance that make their presence known quite quickly, giving you that instant gratification with a strong Patchouli accord and glistening pleasures of Amber and Musk.

It reminds me a lot of Marc Jacobs Decadence. Not in the sense that they smell the same (they are actually quite different) – but in the sense of giving me that rich, luxurious texture that creates a cloud of pure indulgence.

Price: R1455  for the 75ml EDP, R1125 for the 50ml and R790 for the 30ml EDP

Giorgio Armani Si Passione

For the lovers and lusters of Giorgio Armani Sì, the latest version is all about RED. HOT. PASSION! Sì Passione.

Made for the woman who “dares to say yes”, this new addition is loaded with sensual, fruity florals and woody accords to keep the fragrance confident, empowered and juicy without losing its grace.

Pink Pepper, Pear, Blackcurrant and Grapefruit all sparkle in the top notes, creating a new juicy indulgence to that of the original. The heart of Passione combines Jasmine, Helliotrope and Pineapple – which are also different to the original,  with only Rose remaining similar.

Lastly, the base remains true to the DNA of the original  with Patchouli and Vanilla, but the woody sensuality is further enhanced with Cedar and Amberwood.

I love the juicy burst in the opening, but I really love the scent once it settles into those luxurious woody indulgences.

Price: R2080 for the 100ml EDP and R1 560 for the 50ml EDP

Paco Rabanne Lady Million Lucky

The surprising thing with my five summer scents is that they all seem to have red top notes and Paco Rabanne Lady Million Lucky opens with a delicate Raspberry note – setting the tone.

It’s feels like a warm, pleasant and delicious fragrance, with the Hazelnut heart being very prominent on my skin and the Honey base that comes into play. The other notes include Rose and Jasmine in the heart, with Sandalwood, Cedar and Cashmere Wood in the dry down notes.

I love the bottle, which looks like a precious diamond and to be honest, in my experience with Paco Rabanne, I thought this scent would be more EXTRA. After all, Paco Rabanne Olympea was just WOW for me.

Still, I like it for summer! I love the nutty, cashmere indulgence this one settles into on my skin.

Price: R1675 for the 80ml and R1300 for the 50ml EDP

Juicy Couture OUI

There’s something so fun about the Juicy Couture fragrances, I just can’t put my finger on it. I think maybe it’s that they all seem to create that instant fragrance burst the minute you spray them.

Juicy Couture OUI, the latest in the brand’s fragrance lineup is everything you’d expect from Juicy Couture. It’s vivid and bold, fun and playful and this one makes me very happy. I love the juicy Watermelon/ Pear concoction at first spritz. It’s absolutely divine!

I like that the top notes linger for a while on my skin before meshing with the white florals (of Jasmine, Tuberose and Honeysuckle in the heart) and then finish off into my favouite kind of base notes, woody, ambery, musky.

Delicious would be the perfect word to describe this one!

Price: R1499 for the 100ml and R1199 for the 50ml EDP

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