Beauty Scoop! NYX is coming to SA!

Yay, yay, yay! If you’re a fan of international fashion magazines, girly glossy websites and the best fashion and beauty blogs in the world you’ve probably heard of the makeup brand NYX. Well, ladies, finally this brand is coming to South Africa, and we’ve got Clicks to thank!

NYX, a brand loved by makeup artists

If you haven’t heard of the brand before, don’t worry you will love it! Take it from a makeup obsessed blogger like me, NYX is a beauty brand you have to at least try! Now, before we get into it, lets get started with the name. A lot of people pronounce it  in N.Y.X. The correct way to pronounce the name is “Niks”. It’s not named after New York, but rather the Greek Goddess Nyx, who is the primordial goddess of the night.

At the Clicks beauty launch I went to earlier this month, we got to check out the collection, and I can tell you one thing… Its fabulous! There is a wide selection of beautiful, vibrant eye shadows, colourful liners and gorgeous glitters and glossies. There’s also the “standard stuff” like foundation, brushes, powders and even eye lashes. In other words, it’s a complete range of makeup-up.

NYX offers quality cosmetics at attractive prices. No wonder it’s said to be the fastest growing cosmetic company in the United States.

I got to take home and try out three products and I can’t wait to try out the rest!

NYX Loose Powder, Satin Blue Eye/Eyebrow Pencil, Felt Tip Liner

I almost always have a liquid liner on my lids. I’ve got a few faves that I use, and this Felt Tip Liner from NYX is going in my stash!

This product lets you get super fine detail, thick or thin!

And if you want to see a little bit more, check out some of the collection here in our sneak peek…

Some yummy goodies you can look out for...

What do you think? De-lish isn’t it? Have you used the brand before? Comment below, let us know what your faves are


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