Winter at Old Khaki

I popped into Old Khaki the other day and so in love with all their winter woolies!


They have the most amazing selection of scarves! You can practically find any style your heart desires!

Scarves offer a really great, inexpensive way to update your wardrobe without damaging your finances.

Old Khaki scarves range between R120 to R160 for some really different styles, that you don’t see every day.


Their leather jackets! OMG their leather jackets!!!

Last year, my hubby bought me a dark charcoal, leather biker-style jacket from Old Khaki for my birthday, and I love it so much, I wouldn’t mind getting one in every colour! (Check out how I styled mine recently in this post).

Investment, investment, investment!

Old Khaki leather jackets are made from super soft, 100% lamb nappa leather – so they are really high quality. I convinced my brother to buy the guys version – the Hanson Leather Jacket (R2499) which is also made from 100% lamb nappa leather.

I like the fact that Old Khaki’s leather jackets are really well made. The fit is incredible! And, they keep you warm without making you look bulky.

This is such a great style! Old Khaki have kept it on this year too!


I’m so after the tan one next. Prices for the “Avia Jackets” are R2599, and trust me when I say they are so worth every penny!

They also come in light grey, brown and charcoal.


The “Avery Leather” jacket is the newer style for this year, and has great detailing on the arm.

Once again, 100% lamb nappa leather and you can find it in Black or Grape (R2899).


Boho is such a cool look! And this boho styled pullover lets you keep this trend going into winter!

I love everything about this pullover! The colour, the pattern and really digging the fringing on the shoulders. R499


Besides the heavenly selection of winter clothes (for girls and guys by the way), these CATerpillar “Misa” boots are next on my lust list!

I’ve been looking for a pair of “cowboy style boots” for ages, but all the ones I’ve tried make my foot look like it’s miles too big for my body! And I’m only a size 5/6!

Last  year, I invested in a pair of CAT combat boots from Old Khaki and wore them with practically everything! This year, I’m going to make the Misa’s mine!

I think a pair of new boots every year is definitely a goal worth working towards! Don’t you?

The Misa’s fit like a glove, look amazing and have such great elements (like the pocket on the calf, the buckle on the ankle and the patch on the foot), that give these boots such character.

Paying R1999 for a pair of leather knee-high boots is so worth it!

Although I really wanted to take it all, this is what I ended up buying, but I’m going back for those Misa boots!


First up, my gorgeous, wooly knit snood. I just know I am going to wear it all season long! In fact, I’ve already worn it a few times and we’re still pretty much stuck in summer here in Durbs.

Then, my Old Khaki Roxy Check Shirt (R399). Checked shirts and tartan are pretty big this winter, and although they are trendy, I’m still quite reluctant to wear the traditional green and red tartan. I don’t know why, I just can’t wrap my head around it. So this shirt is the perfect alternative for me. It’s got the stylish print, but in softer, more girly colours that I really kinda love.

And lastly, this knitted pullover. Love the colour mix and that it’s a little longer at the back. I’m all for layering!

Such great pieces, that even look good together! Maybe I’ll try that look sometime!

I’m excited for winter! Bring on the chill!

Dimi Ingle

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