The Summer Body Rockers

Ok ladies, it’s time to start thinking about those summer bodies!

No more hiding behind oversized sweaters and leggings, it’s time to show some skin!

Scary thought, I know!

That’s why today, I’ve rounded up a few Summer Body Rockers that will help you get your body ready for the season of sun, fun, sand and sea…

Show your skin some love…


with L’Occitane’s brand new, blissfully beautiful Almond Youthful Body Velvet Balm (R710 for 200ml) and Almond Youthful Body Velvet Serum (R660 for 100ml).

If you’re looking to indulge, forget chocolate and bubbly and trade them in for this healthy skin ritual.

It smells, looks and most importantly, feels heavenly!

Formulated with a regenerating complex of almond native cells, The Velvet Serum contains Vitamin C to help even out the skin and reveal its youthfulness, while the Velvet Balm provides and immediate sensation of comfort.

Both leave your skin feeling like a million bucks, and it’s a huge bonus that this collection helps to target the five signs of skin aging, which include; dryness, skin slackening, lack of tonicity, fine lines and skin irregularities.

Did you know that thanks to its deep roots and leaves (from which very little moisture evaporates), the almond tree is highly resistant to drought? L’Occitane’s Almond Youthful range contains almonds that are grown in the South of France.

Available from L’Occitane Boutiques or via their website,

If it’s moisture you want…


after that dreaded cold, then you’ll love the new Vaseline Aloe Soothe range!

A lighter, more sensory body cream or lotion that will hydrate your skin without feeling heavy.

Did you know that Aloe Vera is one of nature’s true wonder plants? It contains over 200 revitalising vitamins and minerals and has been used therapeutically for over 500 years!

Why mess with perfection? And the best part is the price!

Vaseline Aloe Soothe Lotion retails for R24.99 (for 200ml) or R41.99 (for 400ml) while the Body Cream retails for R34.99 (for 350ml) or R44.99 for 500ml.

If your body needs a Detox…


you won’t go wrong with Filorga’s ultra nourishing Detox Body Treatment (R550 for 150ml available at selected Edgars and Red Square stores).

It’s been specifically formulated for woman over 35 years old, who want to give their skin a nourishing glow. It helps to rejuvenate and improve the quality of your skin, while stimulating the skin’s natural detoxifying mechanisms.

Great for legs, thighs and that precious décolleté.

The formula is super lightweight and soaks in like a dream. The texture is a creamy mouse that feels beautiful and is packed with Shea Butter.

Additionally, it contains Filorga’s patented NCTF formula with Hyaluronic acid which helps to reduce wrinkles and fine lines, improves skin elasticity, hydration and radiance.


Target the cottage cheese…


Now, while cellulite requires a holistic approach – by that I mean, clean eating, loads of water, exercise etc, a good cellulite cream can play an important role in reducing the cottage cheese effect.

And the king of cellulite creams is Elancyl, who have just launched their new Elancyl Cellu Slim Night  cream (R450 for 250ml).

It’s basically a night time body cream that helps to promote cellular metabolism while you are asleep, which is generally the time your body promotes fat storage.

It contains GP4G which stimulates cellular metabolism at night to optimize the breakdown of Cecropia and Caffeine. Apple Tree Branch extract helps to limit the storage of cellulite and Szechuan Pepper extract helps to reduce the appearance of new cellulite.

It’s quite a rich cream, with Safflower and Evening Primrose oils, so it leaves you feeling super nourished.

Get Some Color


with Tan Organic (R599 for 100ml) and keep it looking fabulous with Oil Organic (R599 for 100ml).

Probably the number one summer body rocker on everyones mind as we head into flirty-summer-dress-weather… A Tan!

Fake it, don’t bake it!

Tan Organic is by far, my current fave self tanning product on the market. It’s a self tanning oil that instantly gives your skin an amazing, natural looking, sun kissed glow without streaks, or that dreaded orange look.

It’s made with a blend of 8 different plant oils including; Borage seed oil, Argan oil and Orange peel oil and the best part… it actually smells rather pleasant. BONUS!

Then, to keep your tan looking lovelier for longer, I would suggest using Tan Organic with the Oil Organic moisturising Dry oil.

It is rich in antioxidants and helps to prolong your tan, but also ensures a “perfect fade” so that when your fake tan wears off, it does so in a manner that doesn’t leave you looking patchy.

Both products can be purchased from I would also recommend you invest in the Luxury Tanning Glove (R149) as it will help you to apply your Tan Organic beautifully (no strange palms) as well as the Tan Erase Glove (R249) which helps you prep your skin for the perfect self tan application.

Better yet, why not take advantage of their Tan Bag kit, which comes with a 100ml TanOrganic Original, 100ml Oil Arganic, the Tan Erase exfoliator & the Luxury Tan Glove, all in a stylish organic woven bag for R1199.

Relax and unwind


Also worth a mention while we’re talking body love, is the new range of foam baths by Vinolia (R38.99 each for 500ml).

These newly launched foam baths come in three delicious variants, including: Rose (enriched with silk extract which helps to moisturise your skin), Lavender (enriched with camomile extracts to help you relax and unwind) and Vanilla (enriched with extracts of vanilla, blueberries, cranberries and Goji berries).

Totally yummy and affordable enough to use every day!

Now that you’ve got some fabulous body rocker suggestions, all that’s left to do is rock that body this summer!


Dimi Ingle

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  1. Mellie
    October 1, 2015 / 10:53 am

    Nice products! Some are beyond my budget but I am sure that they are worth it and should be considered an investment in our skin!

  2. Jenny
    October 1, 2015 / 10:57 am

    I am impressed with the Elancyl Cellu Slim Night! Sounds wonderful! I must try it out.

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