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3 Burger Joints to Try This Weekend

If you don’t have anything planned this weekend, then check out my three favourite burger joints to give you something yummy and fun to do….

 Rocomammas – Rivonia

Go there for hip vibes, craft beer and a “not so normal burger”


Rocomamas have the BEST BURGERS in town! Even more than that, the option to customise your burger (exactly how you want it), and the hip and vibey staff make this a great place to hang while you fill up on good food.

The menu concept is pretty cool! You get a form with a whole bunch of options on it, and you basically check the box to customise your creation to your heart’s content!

So let’s say you start with a 150g Smashed Beef Burger, then you want to add Blue Cheese Dressing, Pickles, Caramalized Red Onions and lets say Bacon, just check all the options, choose whether you want fries or not and then give it to your waiter.

This customization allows you to go a little crazy (if you’re into that), but they also have the option to choose their standard burgers like the Classic Cheese, Old Skool, Bacon Cheese & Guac or the Rock Star.

I thought I was being very creative by checking “Smashburger” and then ticking Cheddar, Bacon and Guacamole before the waiter pointed out “so you basically want the Bacon Cheese and Guac Burger”?

Well that’s what I had and OMG it was amazing! Delicious and loaded with enough Guacamole to make me feel Mexican!

I asked for super duper, extra crispy bacon, which for once in my life, I actually got! It was dee-licious! Apparently that’s the standard way they serve bacon on their burgers, so I already love them even more for that!

Oh and the chips! Totally friggin awesome and more than enough! The first time I ordered medium fries, which I couldn’t finish, but on my last visit to Rocomammas, I went for small and it was perfecto! Their small is like Maccie-dees’ Supersize (nuff said!)


I’m not a beer drinker at all, but I would suggest pairing your custom burger creation with one of their Craft beers.

They go so well together, and after trying out their Soweto Gold craft beer for the first time, Craft is definitely the way to go!

The Bill: Bacon, Cheese & Guac Burger (R53) + Small Fries (R12) = R65 for a mega awesome meal!
Add a 330ml Soweto Gold Craft Beer for R30, or a 500ml Soweto Gold Craft Beer for R40.

Find Rocomammas at Shop G02 Rivonia Village Corner Mutual Rd & Rivonia Rd Rivonia, Johannesburg.

Ed’s Diner – Centurion

Go there if you’re really hungry and want to enjoy a burger in a 70’s rock and roll diner! Take it from me though, you’ll want to order a shake! 


A colleague of my hubby’s told us about Ed’s Diner and I must be honest, when I heard the name, “Diner” I was really hoping it was a proper diner! A seventies style diner, ya know, with the black and white checkered floors and red booths – kinda like the Diner in the movie Grease?

Well, it was just that!

I almost kicked my self for ordering my boring “usual” (Coke Zero) and not a big ol shake! That would have completed my little Grease movie scene.

But anyway! Next time! And there WILL BE a next time!

The food at Ed’s Diner is fantabulous!

The vibe is pretty cool with retro tunes in the background and the decor, perfectly Diner where even the walls are plastered with legends across the ages.

We ate our delicious burgers, under the watchful eye of Jim Morrison’s and the sounds of 80’s classics.

I ordered a Sloppy Joe Burger which comes with roquefort sauce, bacon & avo and I know what you’re thinking… it looks amazing right!? Well it was, and… 


look at that friggin Avo! Practically a whole one! They are certainly not shy on the toppings, so yah-hoo for that!!!

Loads of filling, and a full plate of yum!

The Bill: Sloppy Joe (Original) Burger = R100. All burgers are served standard with a choice of 1 side or two half sides. I went for half fries, half onion rings.
Add a regular shake for R30

Find Ed’s Diner at Shop 2D Centurion Crescent Centre, 81 Lenchen Avenue North, C/O John Vorster & Lenchen Avenue South, Centurion

Moo Moo Broklyn Mall, Pretoria

Go there to taste a Kobe Beef Burger!


Let me start by saying, that Brooklyn Mall is one of my fave hangouts in the summer. The section of outdoor restaurants is a great place to chill, while people watching and ya know, eating your heart out.

Moo Moo is the only place I’ve been to that offers Kobe Beef burgers. In case you haven’t heard of Kobe, it’s a Japanese beef which is super soft and the fat is marbled into the texture of the meat giving it loads of flavour.

While the presentation of the burger didn’t excite me, it tasted pretty darn good and if you’re a burger junkie, you  should at least try and experience a Kobe Beef burger.

I do think that next time, I’ll order something saucy for my burger as it just looked a little lonely, the pat tie all on it’s lonesome, but it tasted great!

The Bill: Kobe Burger (R99) served with Fries.

Find Moo Moo at Shop Number 31, Brooklyn Mall, Fehrsen St, Pretoria, 0181, South Africa

If you guys know of any more cool burger joints, comment below and let me know! I want to tick them all off my bucket list 🙂

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  1. Geraldine Fynn-Green
    October 2, 2015 / 8:42 am

    ooh! Kobe beef, wish they were in Durbs.

  2. Jenny
    October 2, 2015 / 11:53 am

    Yummy I feel hungry now!!! Thanks for sharing this!

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