Bathtime Bliss with Satiskin

There’s nothing I love more than soaking in a tub after a long day! A little bath-time R&R is like my daily indulgence, so I want to make the most of it with beautiful bath-time products.

Satiskin were kind enough to send over a few of their goodies for me to try, including their Shower Gels. I’ve been using Satiskin Foam Bath since forever. It creates beautiful bubbles that last, it smells lovely and best of all, it’s affordable so I can use it every day! Their Shower Gels are the cherry on top! They come in a variety of fragrances so you can choose the one that suits your mood. What I love about the Shower Gel is that, when used with the Foam Bath, the bubbles last so much longer, and they leave my skin feeling soft and cared for. What could be better?


The Shower Gel collection consists of Moroccan Spice, Blissful Berry, Mystical Moments, Sunrise Celebration, Natures Balance and Ocean Energy. At R32.99 (for 400ml’s) you can quite easily try every Shower Gel until you find your perfect scent.

My favourite has got to be Moroccan Spice. It’s dee-licious! The smell reminds me of oriental woody spices and for some reason, maraschino cherries! How gorgeous right?

You gals know that I’m a sucker for pretty packaging, and I love the beautiful print on the bottle. It takes me back to my Dubai memories, especially my Arabian Nights adventure and matches all my little Moroccan decor pieces in my bathroom.


My second favourite Shower Gel would be the Sunrise Celebration. I keep it in my shower and the Moroccan Spice on my bathtub, and because I love matchy-matchy decor, the Satiskin Coco Butter Moisturizing Hand Wash (R28 for 400ml) sits on my basin. This is a great PH balanced hand wash that leaves my hands feeling cared.


For summer, I do love the Berry Collection. It’s fragrant and just smells of delicious fruitiness. We usually get the 2L foam bath since you get a lot for R56.99, but the smaller, 1L variants (R29.99) are great for trying out new scents, taking with you on holiday, or to keep in your guest bathroom.

Speaking of travel, here’s a great little tip that I’ve been using for ages. If you find yourself in a beautiful hotel tub and you don’t have foam bath on hand, try running a little body wash under the facet and froth it up using the shower head.

The Blissful Berry Shower Gel combined with the Berry Fantasy Foam Bath creates a beautiful aroma while you’re soaking up the indulgence and you can take the berry experience one step further with the Berry Bliss Moisturising Hand Wash.


My hubby loves the Ocean Paradise Bubble Bath. It a foam bath that has a great scent that’s not quite masculine, but will definitely appeal to the guys who enjoy a good soak, but don’t want to feel like they’re bathing in a tub of rose petals.

Be sure to check out all the lovely Satiskin products, available at most supermarkets and chain pharmacies. I love that the Shower Gel’s have a little sniffer tab so you can smell them before you buy.

Do you have a favourite Satiskin product?

Dimi Ingle

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