To me, a scarf is the simplest accessory that you can add to just about any look to take it up a notch. Right now I have a bit of a fixation with Bandana scarves, which are literally popping up everywhere!

I can’t remember the exact moment that I wanted one of these, but I can tell you that my obsession with them is strong! I saw this gorgeous blue and white paisley style one at Country Road and contemplated getting it on and off. Eventually I used a Woolies voucher I got as a birthday gift from one of my fab friends to make it mine!

I couldn’t decide if I wanted the blue one or the red one – which was equally as gorgeous – but about a week after I bought the blue one I went back for the red one and it was gone! Luckily the staff at Country Road hustled and found one that hadn’t been unpacked yet, so I guess you could say they made my day!


I can’t get enough of this accessory. It’s cute, it’s pretty and it’s also really well made. I’m all about well made pieces, and I’ve made a conscious effort to read the label, because quite frankly, I’m over spending my money on stuff that looks good for only a short period.

This beaut not only has the perfect bandana style paisley print, but it feels beautiful and soft; made from 75% cotton and 25% silk.

I’ve already worn both of mine here and here and a few other times as well. The other day I wore a simple striped tee, black jeans and my Converse high tops and just added the red bandana to finish the look. While I was purchasing a new foundation, some random couple complimented me on my style and told me that they liked how I put the pieces together. I bet you they would’ve hardly noticed the outfit if it wasn’t for the bandana, so I’m adding a big fat check, next to my smartest purchases ever.


I like wearing my bandana wrapped around my neck and knotted in front, but also feeling the western look where you tie it at the back and let the “V” fall down in front. I love wearing it with stripes and neural tones, but really anything goes. For the red one, I’m picturing a more edgy look, wearing black leather pants, a crisp black button up shirt, lace up heels and a pop of red around my neck.

When I think of bandana’s my mind always goes towards bikers and music festivals, and I recently understood why! After attending a festival, standing among the crowds and breathing in that yukky, muddy air caused by thousands of people dancing and kicking up sand, it was difficult to breathe. If I had my bandana with me, I probably wouldn’t have minded too much!

So, as much as this little bandana a style statement, I think they are a must for any outdoor festival type events. I’ll likely be wearing one of mine (can’t decide which one yet) when we go to Iron Maiden next month! Iron Maiden! I know! I love all music, pretty much and never miss an opportunity to see legends performing live. I’m definitely more of a Metallica girl (they were insane live and James Hetfield has one of the most incredible, bad ass voices that sounds even more amazing in concert) and even though I can’t think of a single Iron Maiden song, I’m excited! I think I better download some of their albums so I can sing along and be a super fan, or at least pretend to be one. Any suggestions?

Back to the bandana though… I’ve been researching other ways to wear it too… Tied around a handbag, on your wrist (although I tried this and thought it looked too bulky – I much prefer my Gucci Twilly). Besides the “V and knot” there’s another way that I’ll be trying out and that is wrapping it flat around my neck with a little knot in front.

What do you gals think of this accessory?


Dimi Ingle

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