Win Sterling Silver Jewellery Worth R5000 From Georgini

Remember this post, where I shared my gorgeous Georgini necklaces and showed you how I love to layer them?

Well, today y’all are in for a big treat, because not only do I have this exact same necklace set to giveaway (yes both the crescent moon and the bar), but the giveaway also includes two stunning sets of Georgini earrings – which one of my lovely readers can win!

Talk about the best news in the middle of the week!

Although Georgini have a ton of beautiful necklaces that are perfect for layering, this combo which I picked out is my absolute fave.

When worn together, the contrasting shapes of the Crescent Moon and Liberty Straight Pendant create such an interesting story. Each one is crafted from 925 Sterling Silver and both are encrusted with cubic zirconias which reflect the light magnificently.

I’ve received so many compliments on this set, and if you’re the lucky winner of my giveaway, soon you will too!

Studs are another item of jewellery that I’m obsessed with! I wish I had more holes on my ear just so that I could wear more ear candy hah! But seriously though, I have an obsession with studs. More so than with dangly earrings.

I like that studs are more fuss free, and they don’t hook into my hair, plus because these days I wear real silver studs, as apposed to costume jewellery, if I forget them in when I sleep or shower, it’s A-OK!

These silver Infinity Studs (which I’m wearing above and also one of the two earrings that you can win) are so cute and I love that they give me options.

They’re actually supposed to be worn longways, but can also be worn horizontal – just make sure you push the butterfly in real tight. Even though I don’t have a third piercing on my lobes (yet) I love how this piece takes up more surface area. Know what I mean.

The second pair of earrings that I’m giving away as part of my amazing, incredible and fantastic Georgini prize are these Pyrmont Pave Hook Earrings. What I really like about these it that A) They match my necklace and B) I don’t have to worry about securing the earring as it hooks through the piercing.

The earring itself and the hook part are also balanced, so even though technically, yes, it is a dangling earring, it doesn’t dangle!

BTW – Is it just me, but when I sleep with real silver earrings (or real gold), my ears don’t hurt when I wake up? With my fakes it’s the compete opposite! Strange, but true!

I love, love, LOVE the selection of studs from Georgini. These Large Downtown Studs are my favourite, and this Stella pair is next on my list! But in all honesty, I’d be quite contempt with my ear candy if I had every single pair! Wishfull thinking LOL



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