#Change Your Skin – Meet My Fab Five, changing their skin with @KiehlsSA

kiehlsfab4Today is the start of challenge day!

Together with my fab challengerswe’re starting a challenge to change our skin in 28 days with Kiehl’s! The two products that are going to change our skin include the iconic Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate as well as Kiehl’s Dermatologist Solutions Powerful Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate. kiehls-28daychallenge We’ll be adding these two products to our daily skincare regime for 28 days, and over this period, the five of us will be sharing our experience on StyleScoop! It’s not so much a before and after challenge, but rather a tried and tested routine on how these two products have improved our skin. I started with the Kiehl’s Dermatologist Solutions Powerful Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate this morning and can see an instant glow, so I’m really looking forward to seeing what happens after 28 days! Ok, so let me introduce you to my challengers…


Me! I’m 33 years old and have never had a major problem with my skin, but I do suffer with pigmentation that drives me mad! I’ve tried everything under the sun, but it just wont go away! I’d love to make it disappear, however, I’m willing settle on blurring it out! I’ve also noticed, the older I get, the more difficult it is to keep your skin looking good. I’ve noticed fine lines in my forehead and more pronounced lines around my mouth, which I’d love to tackle and get them looking smooth again! Follow me on Twitter and Instagram (@stylescoop)


Luzanne 31 years old. She has combination skin, and at the moment she’s suffering with dehydrated and congested skin. Luzanne’s main concern is ageing as well as the little bumps on her forehead (congestion). She’s hoping to improve her skin condition and smooth out the crows feet around her eyes and the wrinkles on her forehead. Check out her blog www.pinkpeonies.co.za, follow her on Twitter and Instagram (@pinkpeoniesblog).


Louise is 29 years old and although she has great skin, since moving to Jozi her skin is feeling dry and flaky. Louise works in a constantly airconditioned work environment, which doesn’t help keep her skin hydrated. Her skincare regime includes “a bit of this and bit of that” and ultimately she’d like to achieve healthy looking skin that looks great sans makeup.
Follow her on Instagram @LouLouDakis


Camilla is our “baby”! She’s 27 years old and her main concern is to look after her skin now, so that she can age gracefully. Camilla has regular skin that isn’t often oily, but is feeling a little dehydrated at the moment thanks to the winter.

Check out her blog jane-wonder.blogspot.com, follow her on Twitter and Instagram (@CJaneWonder).


Nosipho is our 33 year old mom of twins who works long hours in IT. In winter, she struggles with dry, dehydrated skin- the only benefit being that she doesn’t have as many breakouts as during the warmer months. She is concerned about pores and fine lines and still cant believe that she’s at the age where anti-ageing lotions and potions are non-negotiable.

Her current regime is the simple 3-step, and she’d love to try the Kiehl’s challenge to give her combination skin some TLC.

Follow her on “href=”https://twitter.com/Itu91104896” target=”_blank”>Twitter


Vanessa has just turned the big 40 and would love to take up the 28 day challenge and change her skin for the better! Since turning 40, Vanessa hast noticed a definite change in her skin and winter does not help either! Her skin is drier, uneven, has skin pigmentation and visible fine lines appearing! Vanessa loves wearing makeup, and wants to bring back a natural glow to her skin, even it out and reduce the appearance of fine lines so that she has a smoother surface to work on!

Stay tuned to see how we progress and be sure to follow the updates on Twitter by following @stylescoop and @KiehlsSA

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