The Coolest Accessories for your iPhone6

I love my iPhone 6, it’s seriously the best thing Apple has ever come up with! Well, next to the Macbook Pro, the Mac, the iPod the iPad… OK! So everything Apple is awesome!

But for today, let’s just focus on the iPhone 6 shall we?

My iPhone 6 is attached to my hand, permanently, so I wanted to share some of my must have accessories for this phone.

Four little “add ons” if you will that make my life easier and keep it minimalist and functional – just like everything Apple really.

Moshi iGlaze Armour


I have a record when it comes to dropping phones. I dropped my iPhone 4s more times than I’d like to remember, and lets just say my insurance company doesn’t like me too much!

My problem was always crappy covers that don’t secure the phone properly, and the ones that did were bulky and just plain ooogly!

So when I saw these Moshi IGlaze Armour covers for the iPhone 6 I was like OMG – YES!

A cover that looks amazing, protects my phone and doesn’t take away the pretty from my iPhone 6’s gold glam gorgeousness.

These covers really compliment the new iPhone 6 beautifully. They come in silver, grey or gold to match the exact colouring of the iPhone 6. You don’t even notice that your iPhone 6 has a cover on it.

The back plate is made from aluminum with rubberized sections (for the volume and power buttons), that make using them easy. Plus, it is also scratch resistant – I’ve had mine a while now and it still looks as good as new.

Also love the raised bezel that protects the display, but doesn’t cut into it, and the customized flash cut-out, so it allows your pretty Apple logo to stand out.

Price: R549
Get it from the iStore, or buy it online here

Kenu Airframe +


I use my iPhone as my GPS. I’ve downloaded Waze and also use the Map App to get me places.

So this little accessory, is THEEE best portable car mount you can possibly imagine! The + is the second version of the amazing Kenu Airframe with an even bigger expandable grip, to hold your phone of up to 6 inches.

It’s perfect for the iPhone 6 (although the standard Kenu Airframe works just as well for the normal iPhone 6), but the Airframe + is ideal for the iPhone 6 Plus.

It also doubles a a nice little “dock” if you want to use your iPhone to play videos or view albums. Just stick a business card into the vent slot and viola, instant stand.

Get your Kenu Airframe+ for Smartphones from the iStore for R449

Griffin 4,5′ Coiled Car Charger with Lightning Connector


This is the perfect little guy to keep in your car to charge up your iPhone 6, or other iDevice with a Lightning Connector. With 10 watts of charging power it can charge up your iPod, iPhone or iPad.

It plugs into your cars’ cigarette lighter and has the ideal amount of coil to not make your space feel cluttered (1.4m).

And last but not least, something I desperately need… Not that I’ve dropped my iPhone 6 yet, but you can never be too safe!

Get your Griffin 4.5 Coiled Car Charger from the iStore for R359

QDOS Optiguard Glass Protect


At the moment, my iPhone 6 doesn’t have any protective screens on it, but I am excited to put this guy on!

The QDOS Optiguard Glass Protect is said to be the very best protection you can give your iPhone 6 screen. Three times stronger than your standard protective film.

It’s ultra-thin, transparent and made from toughened glass that sticks to your screen without any bubbles!


It’s also treated with Olephobic coating, an oil-repellent that helps to keep your screen clear and fingerprint free.

Can’t wait to try it

Price: R349
Get it from the iStore, or buy it online here

Do you have any must have accessories for your new iPhone 6? What am I missing?

Dimi Ingle

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