Bohemian Garden Party with Lucozade Pink Lemonade

If given the chance, what would you do over in pink and with energy?

To launch their delicious new flavour, Pink Lemonade, Lucozade is running an awesome competition where you could win your very own “do-over”. All you have to do is purchase a 500ml bottle of Lucozade Pink Lemonade,  SMS the underliner code and include your “Do Over” 33585.


If I had the chance to do something over, #DoItWithPink and #DoItWithEnergy, I would totally do over my bridal shower.

Not that I didn’t love being surrounded by my best friends and family, but in terms of a totally awesome “themed” shower – I’d have loved a little 70’s style bohemian garden party! One that starts at noon and goes well into the night. For that, we’ll need lots of energy, so there will be plenty of Lucozade Pink Lemonade on offer.

When I got married, there was no Pinterest, so giving your bridesmaids a mood board filled with ideas on what you’d like wasn’t really an option. Back then, it was just your standard bridal shower with pink feather boa’s, afternoon “tea” and for the ones who survived the fun and games – a girls night out at some club.

The club part was never really my thing, but anyways…

Inspired by Lucozade’s fun competition and delicous Pink Lemonade flavour, I set the scene of  my 70’s Bohemian Bridal Shower “Do Over” in my back yard…


Think a bright and beautiful summers day in a glorious garden with huge trees. Pretty pink throws on the ground (and hanging from the trees to create an eclectic shade visor), loads of colourful scatter cushions all over the place with pink lanterns, moroccan lamps and tiki torches offering ambient light for when the sun goes down.

Lana Del Rey’s voice taking over, with plenty of Lucozade Pink Lemonade on hand to keep the party going all night long. Oh, and don’t forget the hippie staple – a big ol flower crown.

Instead of party favours, which often just collect dust, I’d have a flower crown station set up and my girls could make their own unique flower crowns to wear and then keep afterwards.


Hey, with so much energy, we could have fun in the sun, and when the sun goes down, maybe even invite the guys to join us…

Now the 70’s Boho Garden party transforms into a beautiful outdoor evening party, surrounded with the people you love. I mean, who would want to leave that? I’ll even have a bunch of blankets and start a fire in our huge fire pit just in case it gets chilly.


The dress code would be fun, free spirited hippie outfits with lashing of pink.

Ohhh, I’m excited!

I even created a Bohemian Garden Party mood board on Pinterest!


Wouldn’t it be amazing to be able to actually do it over?


Be sure to put your Do Over dreams out there and enter the Lucozade #DoItWithPink #DoItWithEnergy competition before the 18th December 2015 . More details can be found here.

Remember you need sms your underliner with your Do Over, just remember to do it over in pink and do it with energy…

Good Luck!

Dimi Ingle

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