4 Classic Winter Boot Styles Every Woman Should Own

I feel like it’s been ages since I spoke about shoes! I mean really, really spoke about shoes! A whole post dedicated to my favourite accessory on earth! I’ll admit my shoe-wearing days have become very casual of late, but that doesn’t mean I don’t still love a good pair!

With winter fast approaching, it’s time to start thinking about what goes on your feet. So I’ve put together my list of 4 styles of winter boots every woman should own to help you make smart decisions when investing in a new pair this year.

My theory when it comes to buying new shoes is to always invest in classics! Spend as much as you can afford on a classic and good quality pair – so that you can wear it time and time again. Then, to embrace the trends, lower your budget if you know you’ll only be wearing a particular style of shoe for one season. Let me know if you’d like to see a trend piece on winter shoe styles as well?

OK! So let’s go shall we?

Number 1. Tan Ankle Booties

Still my favourite type of boot! Tan Ankle booties are a must in any fabulous female’s closet. It’s just about finding the pair that speaks to you!

Cut is everything when it comes to ankle booties because you want them to be versatile so you can wear them a million and one ways, so think about what you have in closet, the outfits  you would wear them with and then make your decision based on that.

From left: Steve Madden Jaydun (R2,199), Woolworths Cut Out Ankle Boots (R499.00), Rare Earth Silva Boots (R1,399), ZARA booties (R659)

I like ankle booties that are cut in a curve as apposed to a straight along the top. This means that your leg wont look like it has been cut in half, but rather shaped to show that you do have an ankle. A straight cut on the other hand, can also look stylish when paired with skinny jeans or short skirts if you have the legs to pull it off. I just find this style a little more limited for the shape of my legs.

Remember a tan bootie is like a nude pair of shoes, so it will help to elongate your leg. This shade also goes with everything and works for every season; super cute paired with cuffed jeans, shorts and dresses. So spend as much as you can afford on a classic style. You just can’t go wrong.

Number 2. Riding Boots

I’m still on the hunt for a pair of riding boots after my Tsonga pair died! I mean, I wore them to death for 4 years and got tired of replacing the zip, so now I’m on the lookout for a new pair. The Tsonga ones were great, but I want something similar, yet different this time.

Riding Boots are another classic style and you should think about investing! I would suggest going for a flat pair or if you want height, a small heel.

From left; Deniro Long Riding Boots (R5,918), Froggie Donna Claire Riding Boot (1,699), ZARA (R759), Caterpillar Layla Boots (R2,799)

If you can afford traditional riding boots (and they look good on you) I would totally go for this type! Sadly, as much as I love the sleek, polished look of equestrian boots, they don’t look great on my legs. If you have legs for days, then these will look amazing on you! LUCKY!

If you’re going for the real deal, then Deniro Riding Boots are the ones to go for! They are pricey (they go up to over R10K a pair), but they are beautiful and you’ll probably wear them for the rest of your life. Remember authentic equestrian boots are made tough – so they can handle it.

If you like the look of riding boots but want to wear them purely for fashion, there are still great quality options out there.

Number 3. Chelsea Boots

This is the style of boot I plan on investing in this winter! Chelsea Boots have been around for ages, and I think they will stick around for many more to come. So if ever there was a time to invest, now would be it!

From top left: H&M Leather Chelsea Boots (R899), ZARA (R999), G-Star RAW Guardian Chelsea (R3,299), Therapy Grande Boots (R679 on sale)

Last year, I got so much wear from my Saint & Summer Chelsea style rubberized boots, and now I want a pair of leather ones too!

I love how these look with indigo and black skinny jeans – worn over the jeans or with the cuffs rolled.  Just add a classic trench and it’s perfection!

Number 4. Rain Boots

Rain boots/ gum/ boots/ wellies, what ever you call them, you need them! Although we don’t have snow in South Africa, our winters are often wet (especially in Cape Town) and having a pair of rain boots makes all the difference. The difference between staying indoors or going out and having fun!

Hunter Original Tall Boot (R2,500), Crocs Rainfloe Boots (R1099,95)

For me, there are two types of rain boots to choose from; Hunter Boots or the Crocs Rainfloe Boots. I own both of these styles so I can speak from experience!

The Hunter boots are classic, well made and perfect for rainy days. They also make your outfit look more polished because of their equestrian like styling. They are comfortable enough and if you get the right size (unlike me who decided to size down) you can wear them with the fuzzy and warm Hunter’s socks, which are super cute.

The Crocs Rainfloe boots are also amazing rainy day boots. They are less expensive than the Hunter, but also a little more casual.

I do like that they are super lightweight and I can wear them all day. The Hunter, while comfortable enough, due to the fact that it’s heavy, I usually take them off as soon as I get home, while the Crocs, I could wear all day – even lounging at home. Something to bear in mind if you are deciding between the two, but honestly I would get both!

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