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Our Super Clever Ways to Store & Organize Your Accessories

I am a sucker for awesome ideas to store and organize stuff, especially when it comes to girly things like shoes, clothes, makeup and accessories. After years of hoarding collecting bundles of bangles, necklaces, rings, sunglasses etc, I’ve realised that it’s far better to buy and look after something you like, rather than just spend more money on more stuff just because you haven’t looked after it.

Besides keeping your stuff looking newer for longer, storing your accessories neatly also makes life so much easier when trying to find something.

Here are some of my own pics and ideas on how to organize your accessories…  

I love long necklaces, but had never found any decent way to store mine. Then, thanks to Pinterest I found a great idea that inspired my own… to use cute cupboard door handles, drill them into the wall and then just pile on the accessories. They also make a really cute feature on the wall.

I featured my ring storage solution on StyleScoop back in January this year. Here, I used clear plastic egg trays (that I found at Mr Price Home) to store all my rings. You could even use empty egg cartons and paint them in fun colours to create your own ring storage display or draw liner.

One thing I really battled with storing and finding, was my bangles. There are so many different ways to try and organize bangles, but getting them out and also being able to see them was tricky. So this idea, pretty much saved the day. Here I used a bamboo cutlery tray (think I bought it from Boardmans) to store my big, bulky bangles. I had to remove the dividers and re-glue them so that I could adjust the tray space to suit my bangles, but it works like a dream!

I stole this idea from one of the beach vendors while we were on holiday in Greece. It was soooooo clever and really makes getting to my arm-candy that much easier. All you need is a lot of really big safety pins. Start by attaching a few bangles to each pin, or you could even have one bangle per safety pin. Now, take another safety pin and thread it through the back ring of a group of pins and hook it in. You can group and display your bracelets however you want to,  I’ve done mine in stacks of how I wear them.

This method of organizing your bracelets makes it super easy to get to the one you want to wear, just by opening the main safety pin and sliding out the rings. Keeping them organized like this makes them less likely to tangle in your draws, but you could even go one step further and pin them up on a notice board like I have done above.

I store all my el-cheapo sunnies on a wire coat hanger like this. I prefer to keep my expensive designer sunglasses in their cases and locked away in the cupboard, but being the sunglass freak I am, I do have quite a few plain ones that I still use day to day. Storing them like this is a great way to see and access them easily.

This more of a makeup storage idea, but I haven’t featured it before and it is still a great idea. If you have an obsession with collecting nail-polish, why not make it a feature in your bedroom, office or bathroom (if you have the space)? Fill a glass vase (you can get so many options) with your favourite nail colours and viola! Easy to find, easy to see and it makes a nice decor detail too.

Do you have any super clever ways to store accessories? Share them below in the comments. And for more ideas on storage and organization, follow my board Well Organized on Pinterest.


Dimi Ingle
Dimi Ingle

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  1. Quanita Chohan
    November 13, 2012 / 10:05 am

    Lol me tooo! I just love creative storage ideas.I just love your posts thanx! I loved the make up storage idea you posted a while back, I went out and got myself those plastic draws and its just gr8t to keep my make up organized!
    I hang all my necklaces on a lovely wooden key holder on my bedroom wall and it works so well because it doesn’t tangle and I get to see all my pieces and it looks so pretty! I have a red velt board in my dressing room and I hang my headbands on it using those colour pin tacks. I also hang my sunglasses on the top of the board so its great all in one storage and display unit. I also use the board for hanging up pretty things me like a bling star I found while shopping the other day. I a

    • November 14, 2012 / 4:09 pm

      Thanks Quanita – Im glad you enjoy our organization posts – I am absolutely obsessed! Glad to know I’m not the only one 🙂

      Thanks for the great tips you shared


  2. November 16, 2012 / 2:01 pm

    Love this post! Great tips indeed 🙂

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