How to Hang Your Jeans

How to Hang Your Jeans |

Finding your jeans in your closet can be quite frustrating! I used to store mine, folded on top of one another on a shelf, and I could never find which pair I was looking for! In fact, I hardly knew what jeans I had!

After re-arranging my Closet Room (here’s what it looked like before – I still need to do that post on the updated layout by the way), I managed to squeeze in a bit more hanging space, so I decided to dedicate a rail (well half a rail) to storing my jeans.

How to Hang Your Jeans |

I now hang all my jeans in a way that I can see them properly! Not only the colour, but the cut, style, and most importantly for me, the leg. I am a jeans person, so I love my skinnies, bootlegs and boyfriend jeans.

Hanging and displaying them like this has made a huge difference in helping me find “just the right pair”.

How to Hang Your Jeans |

I have three basic hanging methods, all using wooden hangers.

  1. I mostly hang my jeans by slipping the back belt loops onto the sides of the hanger. This works for most of my Demi-Curve Levi’s jeans becuase they are low waisted and have enough “room” to do this. 
  2. For my jeans that have a smaller waist, instead of stretching them through the loop, I use these wooden hangers with clips on the ends. 
  3. And the third way I hang my jeans, is by just folding them over the hanger. I’m not crazy about this method as it takes up more room, but it still works and I can see my jeans.

I do feel that my little rail for my jeans is slightly waisted, and I could easily install another rod halfway down this rack and dedicate an entire rail to my jeans, folding them as in the third option. Obvs being half the size, I wouldn’t be able to hang them quite the same! But even if I hung them over the hanger, or used one of those trouser hangers, I’d still get to see them a lot better than if they were shoved into a shelf in my cupboard and never seen!

See those baskets at the bottom? I use the little one to store all my shoe dust bags, then in the bigger ones, I use one to store all my flats and ballet pumps, and in the second one I store all my summer sandals.

To fill the space at the bottom of the rail, I’ve put all my chunkier boots like my Gum boots, snow boots and my Crocs boots.

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