Winter skincare guide – The inside scoop!

March marks the start of Autumn in (a still very) sunny, very hot South Africa. By now you’re probably thinking of your winter wardrobe, but have you considered your winter skincare regime? As the climate cools down and the sun fades away, your skincare needs to be adapted to ensure your skin continues to glow, all winter long.

I got to try out some winter products for a feature in the recent GLOSSY magazine and picked my favourite products below. All of these products are sitting on my bathroom shelf and have become part of my daily routine. My skin, I must add, is looking absolutely fabulous!

Facial Cleansers

You should be using a cleanser that is gentle and doesn’t dry your skin. If your cleanser leaves your skin with a burning sensation after it’s applied, then it’s too harsh for your skin. Most people don’t realise this at first because they apply moisturiser soon after which soothes the skin. If your skin is very red after cleansing (not exfoliating) then chances are your cleanser is too harsh.

These two, left my skin feeling fabulous even without moisturizer!

NIMUE Cleansing Gel is a non-alkaline cell renewal and stimulation system that hydrates your skin while removing makeup and impurities (R236). I”ve been using this one for about two weeks  and my skin is looking fresh and totally fabulous!

OLAY Skin Adapt Face Wash is perfect for combination skin and to help your skin adapt to climate changes (R64.99)  0860112188


Even in winter you need to exfoliate your skin, actually especially in winter. A weekly exfoliation will ensure your skin stays sparkling by removing dead skin cells. Once again it’s important to find a product that does the job, but doesn’t feel like sand paper on your skin.

MODELco Face Off Smoothing Face Scrub will help you get rid of dead skin cells and revivie your skin (R250) Available at Edgars & Red Square.

Hydrating Masks

When the weather’s dry, your skin lacks moisture. Thankfully you can put it back with the right products. You’ll also need to keep hydrating with water, which is your skins’ number one source of hydration. For a little extra help that works wonders, try:

MODELco Face Lift Hydrating Face & Neck Mask will resuce your skin in just 20 minutes. Loaded with six nautraully occuring amino acids, this cut out mask is easy and feels great! Best used over Face Off Smoothing Face Scrub (R350)  Available at Edgars & Red Square

ALMAY Hydrating mask is ideal for hydrating dry skin.


Invest in a good moisturizer and don’t even think about skimping here – it doesn’t work! A good quality moisturizer will instantly transform your skin and take years off your face. Really!

ESTEE LAUDER Hydrationist is an ultra-hydration cream that leaves skin feeling fresh and fabulous

♥  PHYTOMER Hydra Continue Instant Moisture Cream can be used day or night to help instantly smooth and refresh skin (R566). 0114864904

Looking after your skin should’nt start and end with your face. The skin on your body has special needs too as it also feels the effects of winter. They key to fabulous winter skin should include a regime that starts caring for the skin from the shower or bath. A moisturizing cream is great, but there are more ways to ensure locked in moisture.

PALMERS Moisturizing Body Oil boosts your skin’s moisture and can be applied directly to damp skin or added to your bath for a soothing moisture surge. (R47.50)

CRABTREE & EVELYN Distillations Floral Body Smoother with lavender buds, petals, sugar, salt  and evening primrose will gently polish and soften the skin (R500).

BADGER  Creamy Cocoa Body Balm is an organic balm that can be popped into your handbag for beautiful skin on the go. I also love the super cute tin (R160).

Dimi Ingle

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